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Apart from providing turnkey machine vision systems Kentec also offers services for performing feasibility studies and rapid prototyping.

Feasibility Studies

In many cases a client may wish to verify that with a machine vision system it is possible to meet all their requirements prior to embarking on the design and realisation of a complete system


A feasibility study is the most inexpensive method to determine whether a machine vision system is capable of satisfying all the requirements requested by the client for any given application. This greatly reduces the element of risk, the final cost and the time to completion should the client later order a turnkey system.


Analysis and agreement on the client's specifications including eventual hardware / software constraints if any, image acquisition of the object(s) to be inspected and their subsequent processing, results analysis, feasibility report.


Our clients have commissioned us to perform feasibility studies when developing new products or processes or when providing their own clients with proof of capability and accurate costings during a presales negotiating phase for example.


Kentec facilities. The client must provide as wide a range of representative sample cases as possible.

Rapid Prototyping

This activity is generally performed directly on the clients process with real life production runs. Rapid prototyping is ideally suited to Deep Learning applications.


Results in most realistic and pertinent findings. A successful prototype will nearly always pave the way to a success production system.


The choice and positioning of the acquisition and illumination devices must be as final as possible. Production time must be available.

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