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Kentec srl, founded in 1993, is a machine vision company specialised in the realisation of industrial machine vision systems. We provide custom or tailored solutions not readily available in the market place

Our clients

Kentec is an engineering company and as such is capable of designing custom vision systems for most industries. We have matured considerable experience in industries such as automotive, e-motors, packaging, robot guidance, moulded glass, flat glass, hi-tech textiles, non-woven fabrics, plastics & films, ceramic tiles, paper and tissue, metals, rigid box wrapping, foods & beverage and medical.

Turn Key

We provide "Turnkey" machine vision systems to our clients


We design our systems to match our clients specific requirements.


We are an independent machine vision company and we incorporate hardware and software components from all leading suppliers in our vision systems. We design our systems to use the platform requested by our client and in many cases our client's client. We can also reengineer a system based upon a given platform to run on a totally different platform. This has proved beneficial to clients which have a presence in Europe, Asia and North America where different platforms are preferred on a geographical basis.


We protect our client's privacy through non-disclosure agreements.


2D, 3D, NIR, SWIR, thermal, multi spectrum, Deep Learning e Machine Learning.


PC's , smart cameras and embedded controllers. Our systems can be interfaced to PC networks, industrial robots, PLC’s and can be supported remotely. We have systems installed throughout Europe and Asia.

Kentec s.r.l.

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